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Famdent Excellence in Dentistry Awards India - Most Prestigious Indian Dental Awards - Dental Awards Categories

Each category is self explanatory and the judges are looking for that X-FACTOR that separates you from the crowd.

(Choose any one based on your age) - Below 45 & Above 45

If you are confident that you provide excellent dental care to your patients with high service standards and claim professional superiority then you could be the perfect candidate for this award. You could be running your own clinic, be a visiting Dentist or a consultant attached to a hospital / institution / chain of clinics. It is your individual identity that matters.

Submit your Entry describing your range of work supported with appropriate cases. Submit the same with evidence (before & after pictures) and references.

Beyond Clinical Excellence: Include any other achievements and non clinical experiences (Awards/ citations, Faculty, KOL, Articles published, Media coverage, etc.)

We are looking for that “X” factor that distinguishes you from the others!
A. Single / Double Chair, B. Multiple chairs

  • Is your practice highly regarded and the best in the area?
  • Does your practice offer great services to go that extra mile to make the patient’s Dental experience more comfortable?
  • We are looking for a practice which is well equipped with outstanding facilities, follows sterilization protocols as per global standards and has an exceptional team which provides excellent patient care and comfort. Submit your Entry choosing the right category (single chair/ two chair/ multiple chairs) and provide evidence of your clinical excellence supporting it with before and after pictures pertaining to your practice along with patient testimonials.
  • Include any ISO or similar certification, waste management protocols, facilities/ equipment and whatever makes you stand apart.
  • This is a great opportunity for your practice to get fame & recognition.
  • Have you in short span of less than 3 years established a name for yourself in your locality, community or region?
  • Does your new practice have that extra zing, the extra drive, that one extra feature that sets you apart from others?
  • We are looking for a new well equipped modern practice which is well recognised and has exceeded your and your patient’s expectations.
  • If you are that exceptional individual or group then you could be the winner.
  • Support your Clinical excellence with evidence in the form of Cases (before and after images/ videos), testimonials, pictures/ videos of your practice and evidence of uniqueness in any form.
  • A. Metropolitan, (All State Capitals)

    B. Non Metropolitan

    Is your clinic functionally and efficiently designed, then send in your photographs or video evidence of your practice. We are looking for stunningly designed State-Of-the-Art practice whether in cities or remote areas.

    In this category we are looking for those who have changed the smiles of their patients creating beautiful smiles. If your clinic provides excellent esthetic treatment options like Teeth Whitening, Direct/Indirect Veneers, Smile Design, Orthodontia, Enameloplasty, Cosmetic Dentistry, etc. then you could qualify for this award. Provide evidence of your excellent work in the form of pictures/ videos along with testimonials and brief description about the cases.
  • Is your website a well designed top class site which is creative, user friendly and informative?
  • Is your website comprehensive and gives the patient an opportunity to understand your practice and the services offered by you?
  • Has your website been a great marketing tool and has added value to your practice?
  • Take this opportunity to get your website officially rewarded. Send us a link of your website along with the entry form.
  • (Choose any one based on your age) - Below 35 & Above 35

    This category replaces the Academician of the year category. In this category all dentists, technicians or anyone connected with the profession of dentistry and those who are conducting courses, workshops, seminars, webinars to educate the dental population including faculty of dental colleges are eligible to apply. So, if you are one of those esteemed faculty who conducts either their own courses or through some companies or through some agencies and also if you are involved in any kind of academics or learning for students you are eligible to apply. Could be a BDS or an MDS

    Have you created any innovative products or technologies? In this category we are looking for fresh thinking, creative ideas that have added value in the Dental Profession. Innovation could be in the form of new improved products, services, education, process, systems, devices or social interactions.

    Enter in this category, validate your efforts & get rewarded for innovation.

    A. Pedodontist, B. Orthodontist, C. Oral Surgeon, D. Periodontist

    E. Implantologist, F. Endodontist, G. Prosthodontist, H. Others

    In today’s day and age, with increasing levels of patient expectation and advanced care options, Specialist Practices are far more prevalent than ever. Does your practice specialise in any particular area such as Periodontics, Endodontics, Implants, Orthodontics, etc.? If you believe you excel in any of these speciality practices then provide us with evidence and case studies of your efforts. There are times when we have done exemplary work on a patient. This is the platform you can use to recognise your achievements and above all get recognised for the same. To qualify for this award, you need not have your independent practice - you could be a Visiting Specialist to General Dentists, Chain of Clinics, Hospitals, etc. The Best amongst the specialists will be awarded this year.

    A. Best UG Student of the year

    B. Best PG Student of the year

    Are you graduating on or after 2019 than you are eligible for this category. We are looking for well rounded accomplished Under graduate/ Post graduate students who have gone beyond academic excellence. If you have made notable contributions to a particular area of student life through any depth of involvement. It could be as a student leader , or some one who has organised cultural activities, or participated actively as a positive agent of innovation, or some one who has demonstrated service s to the community, or made award winning paper presentation or published articles, created social media forums,etc the range is wide. Do let us know your achievements/ rewards or contributions in any forms via soft / hard copy with evidence for us nominate you for the prestigious Famdent award.

    Dentist’s Got Talent is a category which portrays a huge variety of talent ranging from the mundane to the bizarre, from heart-stopping feats to the seemingly impossible, giving Dentist a platform to showcase their talents like no other. It is a talent show that features singers, live band, dancers, magicians, mimicry, impersonation, comedians and other performers in the dental community competing for Dentist’s Got Talent Award. It may be individual or in groups if you are gifted we are here to recognize it!! You may excel in fields other than the mentioned above, please feel free to send us a recording in a DVD format of not more that 10- 15 mins to support your talent.
    For Outreach Dentist Organisation of the Year. Candidates who have contributed significantly in the fields of Public Health Dentistry, Community Dentistry, uplliftment of the profession in rural and semi rural areas and any other yeomen service to the profession. This award aims to recognize and acknowledge individuals who make significant contributions to public health and show leadership in improving public health.
    Have you achieved accolades in Dentistry at a young age? If you are below 30 years with all round excellence at BDS/MDS level, have outstanding clinical and/or academic skills and have participated in community/outreach programs, then this category is for you. Finalists will be judged on extempore questions/answers by the jury.
    These awards are aimed at recognising the work of the Associate Dentist.
    The Associate Dentist should be an asset to the Clinic/ Hospital/ Department.
    Their work exemplifies their contribution to enhance practice with quality patient care.
    He/ She should be dependable, enthusiastic person who is willing to take up more initiatives. He/ She should be one who must have the willingness to work in a team and stands as a role model for others.
    Applying in this prestigious category is a great way to reward your loyal and hard working Associate Dentists. This is an excellent opportunity for an Employer to show his appreciation for a committed employee.
    He/ She can be an BDS/ MDS working in a clinic or hospital. Send before & after photos of your cases with degree proof and recommendation letter from the Dentist you are Associated with and patient testimonials.
    Famdent Awards, Pulpdent USA and M&M Dental Associates are getting together to partner with clinicians who walk the extra mile and make a difference not just to the outcome of treatment but also to the patient & themselves.

    This is an international award and will be evaluated on level one by the famdent pannel and on level 2 by an international panel to get 1 winner.

    It’s a celebration of the extraordinary human spirit.

    What is heroic dentistry?

    • Dentistry born out of courage,
    • High standards of achievement
    • Nobility that touches humanity!
    Famdent initiated the Superstar Awards in 2016. This was in recognition of Dentistry stalwarts who have applied, being nominated and won consistently over the past few years. These are high achievers who have demonstrated continued excellence year after year. They are recognised as "Above & Beyond" irrespective of their individual category and are selected at the discretion of the judges. We are honoured to bestow them with "Above & Beyond" Superstar award. Looking forward to your continued applications in future to be role models and inspire the next generation to excel in Dentistry.
    Hearty Congratulations to all Superstar Award Winners! We will surely see many more Superstar Award winners elevating Indian Dentistry to newer heights.
    How strong is your social media presence as a Dentist?Does your Social media profile and your practice websites (Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn) , Gives patients an opportunity to understand your practice and Services offered by you ?Take this Opportunity, to get your Social Media handle/profile officially rewarded.Send us a link of your handle along with The Entry Form.
    Aligners have revolutionised the way we practice general dentistry. This has added a new vertical in our practices and is very doable by all dentists. We are looking at promoting this to the general dentist and to encourage each and everyone of you, this category has been created - Aligner Dentist of the Year. Send in your completed aligner cases, the number of cases you have done and also the Before and After pictures.
    This award recognizes 5 amazing & outstanding dentists who graduated from a Dental school less than 5 years ago. We’re celebrating dentists who demonstrate excellence and inspire others in science education & research excellence, philanthropy & leadership. We are seeking these young achievers who exhibit the values of integrity, respect, compassion, social responsibility, excellence, and innovation, which sets them apart from others.
    We are honouring 10 dentists who have made significant contributions in the last 10 years & are changing the face of dentistry. Our goal is to nominate Dentists whose achievements set them apart from their peers. Those Dentists who are active in their communities through volunteerism, mentorship or activism; and are positive role models for the current and future students.
    The Clinical Team category recognizes the exceptional performance and contributions of a group of dental professionals who work collaboratively in a clinical setting. This award acknowledges the exemplary teamwork, skill, and dedication of the clinical team in delivering outstanding patient care and achieving excellence in dental practice.The Clinical Team category may include various members of the dental practice, such as dentists, dental hygienists, dental assistants, and other clinical staff who work in close coordination to provide high-quality dental care. These professionals work together seamlessly, leveraging their individual expertise and skills to create a well-coordinated, patient-centric approach to oral health care.
    Chain of Dental clinics is the new revolutionary way of promoting Dental healthcare. Briefly describe your mission statement, modus operandi and claim to fame. Describe the facilities offered and how you distinguish yourself from other chains of clinics. This is your golden opportunity to be ‘Awarded’ for your success and use this as an additional marketing tool to promote your clinic. Entry in this category must be done by Owner/CEO of the concerned chain.
    Are you using cutting edge technology in your practice like Lasers, Neuromuscular Dentistry or Advanced Esthetic/Cosmetic Dentistry, IOS, Dental Software, etc. then this is the ideal category for you. Tell us how you make the patient's journey in your clinic more comfortable by using the latest technology. Send us pictures along with the cases and patient testimonials for the same.
    Is your lab doing a great job providing high standard quality work impressing and delighting patients? Are your technicians skilled with latest techniques and cutting edge technologies? Do you provide quality craftsmanship using today's updated technologies? Do you have a highly skilled workforce? Provide us with evidence to support your Entry in this Category.

    * All programmes are tentative and subject to change without notice.

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